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Country: Italy  
Description: It is thought that pasta, understood as "maccheroni", comes from Sicily: in fact, they were used to make a kind of thread-shaped flour food in Trabia, a village near Palermo. Until the XVIII century the several kinds of pasta are usually called "maccheroni"...

Typical Italian Products

Country: Italy  
Description: Olive oil is one of the most important produce of the Mediterranean agriculture; it is highly nourishing thanks to its chemical composition and to its organoleptic features. Olive oil is easily digestible and aids digestion: its qualities aid the system of any-aged people....

Typical Italian Products

Country: Italy  
Description: The origins of the cultivation of vine, a typically Mediterranean tree, are very ancient. From this tree's fruit, i.e. the grapes, you get through the alcoholic fermentation of its juice, the wine, a drink well-known since two thousand years...


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Italian Confetti
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