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Olive oil is one of the most important produce of the Mediterranean agriculture; it is highly nourishing thanks to its chemical composition and to its organoleptic features. Olive oil is easily digestible and aids digestion: its qualities aid the system of any-aged people.
As to its chemical composition, the olive oil is mainly made up of trygliceride (98-99,5%). It contains carotene, tocopherals, phospholipids and substances such as acids and proteins which protect and aid the body. Today the medical research recommends the use of olive oil because it protects heart and arteries, slows the brain aging down, prevents arteriosclerosis thanks to its high oleic acid content. In addition olive oil lowers the level of LCL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) whereas it raises the level of HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol). Nutritionists prescribe extra-virgin olive oil because both cooked and raw, it is easily digestible as it contains almost as many fat acids as mother's milk.


OLIVE OIL TYPES: Varieties depend upon the aroma, colour, degree of acidity, taste and form of production.

  1. Natural Olive Oil
  2. Extra Virgin Acidity Max.1.00%
  3. Virgin Acidity Max.2.00%
  4. Ordinary Acidity Max.3.30%

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